The Easiest Webinar Solution: WebinarAlly Review

One of the most effective ways to gain new audiences for your business, or introduce people to offerings you have is by hosting a webinar.There aren’t a whole lot of options for webinarsIf you’ve ever looked into the tools available to host a webinar, they range from free (and unreliable) to majorly expensive and loaded with so many features you’ll never use them.What that means is a clunky system that screams you didn’t pay for it, or forking over so much money your profit needs to soar just to cover the cost of the monthly fee. (And that’s another issue, […] Read More

Ever wish you could have it all?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about marketing your business online, it’s that it’s important to have a consistent look and message online, no matter where people find you.I wish I had a penny for every time a busy entrepreneur like yourself comes to me because they have bits and pieces of a whole scattered around online. I even feel that way about my own stuff most of the time!I want to share a secret: The solution to cleaning your business up online isn’t always as difficult as it may seem.In fact, my team and I are skilled at exactly […] Read More

How Much Should You Spend on a Website?

When you know you need a website, there are an overwhelming number of routes to go. It can be hard to know how much to spend to get the job done. Prices range from free (not really – see below) to tens of thousands of dollars. (Unless you’re a giant corporation needing a super-special ninja-style presto change-o site – yes, that’s a technical term – then it’ll cost hundreds of thousands.) So how do you know how much to spend? The answer is ultimately up to you, but don’t set the budget for your site until you know what you […] Read More

How to Tell If Google Sees Your Website as Mobile Friendly

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced it would start penalizing rankings for websites that aren’t mobile friendly. This isn’t surprising as we’ve been hearing for years that mobile usage continues to increase. People are accessing the internet in a variety of ways on the go and many people might not be aware their websites don’t appear all that fantastic on mobiles devices. Starting April 21, 2015, Google will incorporate mobile usability into its ranking algorithm. To put it bluntly, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, your rankings will drop.  I can see it now…Massive riots break out and people run […] Read More

Has Your Website Had An Oil Change Lately?

We’re all familiar with changing the oil on our car, right? It’s a necessary part of owning a car. Most of us wouldn’t dream of going for extended periods of time running on old, dirty oil, or with a filter that needed changing ages ago. So why isn’t the same true of your website? Granted, most websites don’t cost the same amount of money as a shiny new BMW, but if your website is the backbone of your business marketing (as most are), or a direct revenue producer, the cost of running it into the ground can end up massive. Yet, […] Read More

Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

The Holiday shopping season is upon us again. Each year, I get more and more overwhelmed with gift buying. Sometimes, I want to skip gifts altogether. (Who needs yet another trendy kitchen gadget?) But, the anti-Scrooge in me says to pause and give thoughtfully. Instead of grabbing deals left and right because they’re inexpensive and convenient, I try to put thought into what I gift and make sure the receiver will truly find it useful. Thus, I’ve compiled a list of Practical Gifts for the Entrepreneur In Your Life (Plus a few just for fun). Some offer fantastic Black Friday – […] Read More

How NOT to Create a Website

Maybe you’ve had this experience…You’re starting a new business or blog and you know you need a website. You think, “I’ll just throw up my own site. It’s easy enough.” You do some research and find an enormous range of website options – from the free basic site, to custom designed options costing tens of thousands of dollars. You end up indecisive and more confused and overwhelmed than ever. There are few other “products” in the marketplace that offer such wide ranges of options and price points. It’s safe to say that not all websites are created equal. For many […] Read More

How to Choose WordPress Hosting

So you want a WordPress website? Now it’s time to buy a domain and hosting. Your domain is like the address on your house, and hosting is the lot that contains the house. It’s the physical space where your website files sit on a physical server that’s connected to the internet 24/7. By purchasing hosting service, you’re essentially renting space on these machines along with a staff of people to monitor the machines, make repairs, support customers, and assure the servers are running and connected to the internet as much as possible. Now that we’ve got those basics established, let’s […] Read More

How To Purchase a Domain For Your Website

Domains and hosting can be a very tricky thing to understand about owning a website. Think of it this way: your website is like your house. Your domain is your address, or the house numbers on the front of your house. Hosting is the location where your house sits. You need to have a domain to tell the world where your website lives. You need to have hosting to house the actual website. They are not one in the same and you must have both.  Whether you’re hiring someone to create your website, or doing it yourself, it’s usually a good […] Read More

How to Quickly Edit Photos For Your WordPress Site

Do you ever need to make a quick tweak to a photo before you add it to your site? You need to change the size, crop, or adjust coloring quickly and are stumped to find an easy solution? One of my favorite down & dirty image editing sites is PicMonkey. Why you should edit photos before putting them on your website Often, people use photos from their cameras for their websites. Today’s cameras, be it professional SLR or camera-phone style, produce huge image files. The size of an average JPG from an average camera can be anywhere from 1-3 Megabytes. […] Read More