Custom Design

Cinderella couldn’t make it to the ball all on her own. She needed the help of her Fairy Godmother to freshen up her look, beef up her mode of transportation, and to help her with a plan to arrive at the ball to meet her Prince.  Your business is Cinderella and you are her Fairy Godmother. True success only comes when you can give your business each of the three elements Cinderella had (a dress, carriage, and horses) to assure your brand is at its best.

Ekcetera is a perfect partner in helping you achieve Fairy Godmother status. We have a focused and proven system of creating fantastic design, while helping assure your technology is up-to-date. The wave of our magic wands assures everything comes together by concentrating on the strategy behind how you market your business. After all, you’ve gotta have a plan.

When you work with Ekcetera, you’re not only getting a fabulous design team, and some tech geeks, you’re getting a truly collaborative partnership with an agency who knows just how hard you work to be successful. We won’t leave you high and dry by not following through on what we set out to do together. We’re easy to communicate with, consistent, reliable, and are always thinking about how your projects impact your entire business. (In other words, we’re not trying to sell you what’s going to make the most money for us, and we’re known for offering alternatives that save our clients money).

Here’s are some of the things our team can do as your partner: