While it used to be important to simply have a website for your business, now that’s not enough. Owning a website is like owning a car. It needs regular attention and marketing effort to let people know it’s there. While we love creating websites, what we love even more is helping our clients achieve results. Every time we design a website, we work very closely with the business owner to determine each unique need and tailor the site and our services specific to that business. We’ve listened carefully to our client’s frustrations with their websites (and web people) and adapted our process to offer a reliable partnership for your website. We’re with you for the long-term to assure your site grows with your business.


Custom WordPress Website

WordPress is our tool of choice. There are many reasons why a custom WordPress site can be the perfect choice for your business. To help you get a better idea of how we’d be the perfect partner for your website, take a look at the following presentation.

Need Other Help With Your Site?

In addition to helping create a new website, we can ease your pain. Frustrated with the people who are currently working on your site? Give us a try – you’ll find our breadth of knowledge and assistance refreshing. We want to see your website succeed, so we’re interested in digging deep into your marketing strategy and assure your website is doing the work for you that it should be doing.

Ekcetera can:

  • Perform Website Evaluations
  • Fix something that’s broken
  • Help manage your social media
  • Set up a newsletter to send to customers
  • Create a blogging strategy and write content
  • Perform Search Engine Optimization

Contact us today to determine the best solution for your website