Are You Taking Advantage Of Your Facebook Page Username?

If you’ve ever copied and pasted your page’s URL that wasn’t customized, you’d see a long, ugly URL like this: How hideous is that? A custom URL takes that ugly, long string of numbers and turns it into a beautiful, short URL like: Not only is it good for search engine rankings (SEO) to include the name of your business in the URL, but it also makes it much easier to print your URL on your company stationery and make everything look clean and consistent.   If you don’t already have a custom URL set for your page, I’ll show […] Read More

What are the Best Social Networking Sites for Businesses?

Everyone’s raving about Pinterest, Google+ and the next best social network that we’ve never heard of. With so much buzz out there and every expert under the sun proclaiming the best social networking sites for businesses, it’s nearly impossible to know what to do. It’s important to remember that the best social networking site for businesses vary and what works for one business, may not work for another. I believe that it’s important to choose what works for you and your business. Some may tell you that you have to be on Facebook, and they may be right…for some. It’s […] Read More

Should You Outsource Social Media?

“Should I outsource my social media?” is one of the most popular questions I get these days. My answer to this is similar to many answers to business questions: It depends. I’m not just going to leave you with this vague, and half-hearted answer. I’m going to tell you exactly why. The first thing I want to clarify is that social media outsourcing comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s important to realize that just because a social media service provider offers a specific package or arrangement for their services, doesn’t mean those are the only options out there. There are […] Read More

Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook’s newly launched Timeline for Pages caught most everyone off-guard. News had been traveling that Timeline for Pages was coming, and it was expected to be announced at the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) held in New York on February 29. Much to most of the world’s surprise, we woke up Februray 29 to Timeline already released an available to preview on our Pages. AHH! You’re probably hearing all of the buzz about Timeline for Pages, but aren’t quite sure how to sort it all out. Don’t worry, I’m going to help you figure out how this major change impacts your […] Read More

A Tour of the New Facebook Timeline Feature

For this week’s post, I decided to give you a little tour around Facebook’s new Timeline feature. I’ve heard a lot of comments about Timeline, both good and bad. Personally, I think it’s a fabulous update – one that we won’t really see the true value in for several years to come. Just think about when your grandkids and great grandkids can look back at your timeline and learn all about your life! The Timeline is such an easy way to create an online scrapbook of sorts to archive memories quickly and without hassle. Why not give it a shot? […] Read More

Social Media Planning Calendar Template | Social Media Editorial Calendar

I’ve had several requests for an example of the social media planning calendar I use. Some call this a social media editorial calendar. Because I love to see people get excited about planning their social media, I’m going to give you a copy of my template for free! It’s a Microsoft Excel document (.xls). If you aren’t able to open it, please post a comment at the end of the article and I’ll help you out! To receive your copy of this template, all I ask is that you enter your name and email in the form below and I’ll […] Read More

How to Turn Facebook Email Notifications Back On

If you’re like me, I don’t remember or have time to check Facebook after I post to see if people comment or like my post. I used to get email notifications when someone commented on a post and ever since the new Facebook updates a couple of weeks ago, I have missed knowing when people replied to something I said or posted on my wall. Facebook has disabled automatic emailing of updates like this, but there’s a simple way you can turn it back on so you don’t miss anything that anyone responds to. I’ll walk you through turning your […] Read More