How Much of My Business Website Can I Do Myself?

You own your own business; you’re fearless. There’s a world of success and wealth in your future. You can accomplish anything; you should be able to make your own website, right? How much of my business website can I do myself? Ah…the million dollar question. I get asked this question so often, it makes my head spin. Like the answer to so many things people ask me, the answer is it depends. It depends on your answers to a few questions… How much time do you have and what is your time worth? How much do you know about website […] Read More

My Love-Hate Relationship with WordPress…Well Ok, Mostly Love.

 I recently switched my own websites to WordPress after avoiding the switch for a long time. I’m a web designer/developer, so I can code my websites just fine. I didn’t think I needed a “dummy” CMS for my sites. Boy, was I wrong! It has been a fantastic change – one that I really didn’t know I would like. I had been skeptical of WordPress, especially after having several clients come to me with previous bad experiences. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and am now even a WP promoter. It’s my go-to platform for most client sites I do. In case you’re considering a […] Read More

What Is WordPress? Why is it a Great Choice for Small Business?

I live and breathe WordPress every day in my work. I often take for granted that everyone who owns a website MUST know what it is and sometimes forget that not everyone is aware of the different types of websites out there. If you own a business, and therefore a website, I’m here to tell you that WordPress may be something you are missing out on and why it just might be the best option for managing your website. Back in the day of early web development, websites were often developed using a piece of software; FrontPage is a good […] Read More