Are You Taking Advantage Of Your Facebook Page Username?

If you’ve ever copied and pasted your page’s URL that wasn’t customized, you’d see a long, ugly URL like this: How hideous is that? A custom URL takes that ugly, long string of numbers and turns it into a beautiful, short URL like: Not only is it good for search engine rankings (SEO) to include the name of your business in the URL, but it also makes it much easier to print your URL on your company stationery and make everything look clean and consistent.   If you don’t already have a custom URL set for your page, I’ll show […] Read More

A Super-Duper Easy Google Analytics Guide

No One Ever Said Reading Google Analytics Was Easy! How the heck do I read the results? How do I apply this information to my business?  Maybe you’re like other business owners and know about this great tool, but have no idea how to interpret the information you receive, or find it overwhelming and confusing. Well, today is your lucky day, because I’m going to try to make it as easy as possible for you to get some use out of Google Analytics and discover the goldmine it is to your online marketing.  But, before we can learn how to […] Read More

One Easy Thing You Can Do to Improve SEO

There’s so much talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) going around, it’s impossible to keep up. Chances are, if you’re a busy entrepreneur or small business owner, you have no time to waste learning the SEO tricks of the moment. You just want to improve SEO so your site has better search results, right? When I was learning SEO, there was one thing I learned to improve SEO that made it instantly click for me. Are you ready to learn it too? I promise, once you see how simple it is to make some very basic changes to your pages, […] Read More

Five Essential Website & Blog Maintenance Tasks

There’s a mentality among some website owners that you can Set it and Forget It (a la Ron Popeil). I ask clients on my website project questionnaire what level of updates and maintenance they expect to do on their site and the overwhelming majority answer something to the effect of – “very little” or “never”. That’s no good. Websites are a little like cars in that they need maintenance and upkeep. Here are 5 essential website maintenance things you must do to keep your site working well and prevent future break-downs. Keep in mind that each of these items could […] Read More

What Is WordPress? Why is it a Great Choice for Small Business?

I live and breathe WordPress every day in my work. I often take for granted that everyone who owns a website MUST know what it is and sometimes forget that not everyone is aware of the different types of websites out there. If you own a business, and therefore a website, I’m here to tell you that WordPress may be something you are missing out on and why it just might be the best option for managing your website. Back in the day of early web development, websites were often developed using a piece of software; FrontPage is a good […] Read More

Has SEO has changed forever? Meet Panda.

Image: Michael Elliott / If you own a website, hopefully, at minimum, you’ve thought about SEO, or search engine optimization. With Google’s latest search engine update called, Panda, the rules of SEO have changed. In my opinion as a designer, it’s a change that brings a huge sigh of relief, because it more closely resembles the way I’ve been evaluating websites for years. But to the rest of you, it probably brings some anxiety and frustration because some of the things you thought you knew about SEO may have changed, leaving you even more uncertain how to get your […] Read More