Why should you work with us?

You have an overwhelming number of options out there when choosing a partner to work on your marketing. It’s not uncommon for us to hear clients talk about their frustrations with other creative and technical people they’ve worked with. At Ekcetera, we can provide a sigh of relief because we’ve designed our business practices to avoid many of these common frustrations and to really help your business, rather than waste your time and money. By working with Ekcetera, you’ll find our services are:

We’ve developed a proven worry-free system and painless process for creating unique marketing materials. You’ll know exactly what the process will be, what to expect next, and when to expect it.
We’re a small business too. You’ll feel comfortable working directly with the creative team and getting to know us personally, so we can understand your goals and your business. 
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything – design or functionality – for your marketing to bring results. We know our stuff and have a well-rounded team of designers, developers, and strategists who understand the importance of good design, great technology, and solid marketing strategy to make it work!
Other designers often take on projects, not truly understanding how all of the pieces fit together. What’s the point of an artful business card that doesn’t bring phone calls, or a cutting-edge website that doesn’t bring customers? We establish a purpose for every project and build it to achieve a specific result. We’re well-versed in marketing strategy to identify the best methods to make results happen.

Who We Love to Work With:

  • Small businesses (200 employees or less) and solopreneurs
  • People who are stylish and appreciate good design
  • Those who bring ideas to the table, but desire our creative input
  • A partner that is interested in truly collaborating
  • People who need tech help and are interested in becoming cutting-edge