Kelly Garrett

President & The One Who Ties It All Together

Kelly is a visionary who is blessed with talent in both creativity and technical know-how. From a very young age, she was creating business ventures and designing marketing materials from her desktop version of The Print Shop and a dot-matrix printer circa 1988. Much of her college career was spent teaching herself design software and web development. Her widely diverse background includes experience in IT and marketing management, establishing the perfect foundation to build the breadth of services Ekcetera offers.

Her clients especially love Kelly’s ability to listen carefully to their needs, and provide a solution that is not only beautiful and fully functional, but also aligns with the client’s business strategy. She works to build partnerships with clients to become the go-to team. You’ll often find Kelly spending time with her husband, Dan, doing crafts with her daughter, or playing trucks with her son.

Jen Jones

Vice President & Client Advocate

Jen brings a wide variety of experience to the team. With a background in Marketing, she serves as project manager for many of our clients. She also continually evaluates our process to assure we’re making things easy for the client. She’s a wife and proud mom of two.


Amanda Cox

Graphic Designer

Amanda is Ekcetera’s design go-to person. She handles a wide variety of projects, but her true passion lies in illustration. Her designs reflect her modern tastes, focusing on simplicity and bold use of color. She’s an avid kickboxer, Iowa State (her Alma Matter) sports enthusiast, and lover of her golden retriever, Murph.