In today’s business world, there are so many new gadgets and best practices to follow, it’s impossible to keep up. You have a business to run but can’t let the duty of marketing your business stay last on the list. You need the gift of time and can’t afford to spend every spare minute trying to figure out how to make it all work. You have more important things to focus on and it shouldn’t have to be so frustrating.

Our Passion

thumbs-upIt’s such a great feeling when we can solve a complex problem, develop a system or procedure for marketing activities, create a gorgeous-looking design, or launch a sleek and well-oiled website. We’re creatives and strategists alike (and some of us are both!). We’ve even been known to get a little giddy over a few lines of code or a pair of fonts.

We love the intricacies of marketing and making your business shine and nothing makes us happier than when we can lift a huge burden off your shoulders and help you make money.

We live and breathe marketing, technology, and design, and can’t help it! Why wouldn’t you want to get help with these things, rather than fighting an uphill battle with yourself? We have enough passion for the both of us!

Why Ekcetera?

You have an overwhelming number of options when choosing a partner to work on your marketing. Ekcetera, can provide a sigh of relief because we’ve designed our business practices to avoid many of the common frustrations people run into with their marketing. We work to zero in and create an easy path for us to follow together to help boost your business across the finish line.

Our methods are:

We’ve developed a proven worry-free system and painless process for creating unique marketing materials. You’ll know exactly what the process will be, what to expect next, and when to expect it. We ease the overwhelm by guiding you through the steps to walk away with the best possible outcome.


We’re a small business too. You’ll feel comfortable working directly with the creative team and getting to know us personally, so we can understand your goals and your business. We want to understand your business objectives so we can make recommendations that not only help the project, but your bigger goals.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything – design or functionality – for your marketing to bring results. We know our stuff and have a well-rounded team of designers, developers, and strategists who understand the importance of good design, great technology, and solid marketing strategy to make it work!


A perfect fit

The right match between a marketing team and a business is like a match made in heaven. Our clients are small businesses owners who know the value of a great online presence. They’ve been in business before and know the basics of what makes a business successful. They appreciate good design, are comfortable with technology (but that doesn’t mean you have to know it all – that’s our job), and want solutions that will grow with their business – not just quick band aids. They’re looking for someone they can trust as a long-term partner who will watch out for their best interest. If that’s you, we want to hear from you.

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Meet the team

Kelly Garrett
President & Creative Director

Kelly is a visionary who is blessed with talent in both creativity and technical know-how. At a young age, she started business ventures and designed stationery from her desktop version of The Print Shop and a dot-matrix printer circa 1988. Much of her college career was spent teaching herself design software and web development. Her diverse background includes experience in IT and marketing management, establishing the perfect foundation to build the breadth of services Ekcetera offers.

Her clients love Kelly’s ability to listen carefully to their needs, and provide a solution that is not only beautiful and fully functional, but also aligns with the client’s business strategy. You’ll often find Kelly spending time with her husband, Dan, and juggling the demands of a school-aged girl and boy, while caring for her infant daughter.


Kim Wilson
Web Developer

Kim likes the challenge of building things on the web. She’s passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed online. Most of what she does online and offline is inspired by the outdoors…hiking and biking is where she gets energy to sit at a desk all day. Kim admits to being a foodie, and frequently volunteers to encourage kids (especially young girls) to learn coding.

Chatbot Education

Tera is Ekcetera’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot. She’s responsible for teaching the benefits of using a Chatbot in your marketing! She loves nature walks, kayaking, Java (both the drink and code ;P) and lives for a good murder mystery novel. She’d love to teach you too! Click to get started.


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