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Mom and kids

You were made for something great

You want the “have-it-all” life modern mom entrepreneurs are told they can have.
You want to feel appreciated, valued, and validated as an individual.

Yet, there are so many obstacles in the way…

  • Not enough time & money
  • Constant demands from children, spouse, clients and so many others
  • Lack of vision & clarity in what steps to take in business and life
  • Guilt, shame, self-doubt, and thoughts of not living up to everyone’s expectations, as well as your own
  • Not being recognized for all that you do - as a woman, there’s a higher level of performance required just to survive

It’s time to be taken seriously and get the results you want & deserve as a brilliant contributor to society and as someone who gives life and love.

Life is difficult these days (that's an understatement!)

It's hard enough to juggle it all based on your own ideas of what you want life to look like, but how in the world do you manage to not only survive but thrive when everything you see online is rainbows and unicorns?!

You know what you see online isn't real, but why does it still make you feel so far away from your dream?

Cue the shame, self-doubt, and all the mental sabotage going on in your head.

No matter how many positive thoughts you try to pull together, you just can't seem to feel worthy and be confident in what you are doing.

Kelly Garrett - Founder and Strategist of Ekcetera

But what if...

  • You felt confident you were doing the right things for your life and your family?
  • You didn't beat yourself up every time you made a mistake?
  • Your fitness was improving and you loved your body?
  • Your relationships were fulfilling and you genuinely felt loved and cared for?
  • Your work was meaningful and your business was thriving?

What if I told you the steps to get there are actually easy, it's just that you've been lacking the commitment, motivation, and support?


Ascend is a program designed to help you live your dreams and show you how to get out of your own wayYou've got everything you already need, you just need help bringing it out

With Ascend, through a series of proven frameworks,you'll be able to:

Build daily habits that help you set your day up for success and assure you’re taking the time for yourself that you need so you can best serve those around you

Accelerate time by achieving goals you never thought possible in only 90 days

Empower your body through fitness and nutrition

Master your emotions and mindset to overcome challenges in old ways of thinking and operating

Take the relationships with your husband and children to new levels through powerful strategies to strengthen your connection

Handle difficult emotional situations & anxiety calmly and rationally while honoring what’s truly in your heart

Build a profitable business that provides fulfillment & income

Push yourself beyond what you ever thought was possible

Surround yourself with a sisterhood of like-minded women to share, collaborate, and hold each other accountable


The Ascend Program includes

45 days of foundation training

to reveal the truth about what currently prevents you from achieving what you know you are capable of and to begin the mindset transformations that will get you where you want to be

90 Day challenge

to rapidly tackle your goals in record time

18 weekly calls

to check in on your progress, learn, and get support with your unique challenges

business & marketing

training, guest experts, and access to Kelly’s resource rolodex

daily accountability

and access to Kelly via Voxer

private virtual 1:1 day

to tackle your biggest challenges & plan your path to success

lifetime access to program portal

containing training videos, call recordings, worksheets, & templates

in-person graduation challenge event

in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN in the gorgeous August weather (you must purchase your own transportation and accommodations. All meals and activities provided)

About Your Co-Pilot

My name is Kelly Garrett. I'm a wife and mother to 4 kids, ages 4, 6, 10, and 12. After pursuing my MBA, I jetted right into entrepreneurship and started a marketing agency. After 13 years of working with a wide variety of clients, I was burnt out. I closed my doors and decided it was time to follow my calling of helping other women entrepreneurs go after the life they want through mentorship.

I've struggled with depression since my father died of Leukemia when I was 13 years old. After navigating early adulthood, marrying my high school sweetheart, and having 2 children, my husband, Dan, and I were again devastated when I gave birth to a stillborn boy. We went on to have 2 more living children, and two subsequent miscarriages. 

I wanted to give up many times over. Yet, through all of life’s trials, I persisted and always knew there was something better for me. In 2018, I'd had enough. I began a self-improvement journey to radically transform my life. The frameworks and tools I've used since then have nearly cured me of my depression and have re-ignited my passion for fighting to build the life I knew I was meant to have.


Dear fellow mom, I AM YOU. 

I’ve been where you are. I’ve struggled with and overcome what you’re experiencing right now. I’ve experienced loss, depression, parenting issues, marriage issues, business issues, and losing my sense of confidence and self-worth.

Through the frameworks I’ll teach you, as well as by being surrounded by a community of people who were willing to hold me accountable and show me what I couldn’t see on my own, I’ve changed my trajectory and found the life that I love! I’m not perfect, but I’m continually showing up as the woman, wife, mother, and businesswoman I want to be.

I hope you’ll join me and the other women in this program to Ascend. Your life can finally soar, now is the time!

Love, Kelly

Let's jump on a call to see if Ascend is right for you

But don't wait! The program starts April 16th and spots are limited!


No one is coming to save you

It's easy to tell ourselves that as soon as this Pandemic is over, and as soon as this or that happens, then I'll finally be able to be happy and have the life that I want.

The truth is that day is never going to come if you're constantly waiting for something in the future to change on its own.

Only YOU can take the first step and make the change you want to see. But you don't have to know exactly how or go through it alone. Ascend will show you the way.

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The program starts April 16th and there are limited spots available!


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