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If you're here, you know I had a killer talk with Mariana on the Impact Driven Entrepreneur Podcast about going back to the basics of marketing and using tech as a tool to help you accomplish your goals.

I hope you enjoyed it - it was a great conversation and we gave you some incredible information and superb action steps to get you motivated and moving with your marketing.

I’m a self-proclaimed trend identifier - partly because I'm a great observer and also because of my massive marketing knowledge. What I can tell you about businesses right now is there’s HUGE gap. And this gap is smack dab in the middle of what could be an incredible customer journey. 

Many business owners I talk with have this fear – the fear of losing the personal connection with their customers, so that they end up just being another number. And if you’ve experienced this for yourself, the last thing you want as a customer is the feeling of being part of an assembly line.  

I’m here to tell you there is a way - a better way when it comes to the customer journey and automation. You ABSOLUTELY CAN get more leads, and repeat, loyal buyers without…  

...the overwhelm ...the misdirection ...sacrificing your customer relationships

And without sacrificing your integrity and the “you” in your business. Because you want to reduce your workload and continue to focus on what you do best, what you love to do, and in your zone of genius.

Trust me when I say it can be done - it just has to be done carefully and strategcally - and that's my zone of genius!

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