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ac_certified_consultant_badgeAs an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant, Ekcetera Design & Marketing is equipped to help you achieve your goals in a stylish & smart way!

We can help you creative a cohesive online presence for your brand, design the perfect look for your membership site, solve your techie problems and support you through your launch and beyond.

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Our multi-faceted approach

We integrate design, technology, and brand strategy.

We believe that there are three facets to marketing success:

  1. Great Design: What makes a great brand? It starts with design. People respond positively to good design. Your brand is unique and your marketing needs to be too!
  2. Quality Technology: Looks aren’t everything – it must be built on a solid foundation. If your marketing is clunky and users can’t find what they need, they won’t buy. 
  3. Sound Strategy: Without a plan, you can plan to fail. Would you invest thousands of dollars on a car if you didn’t know it was going to take you where you wanted to go? The same is true for your marketing. Why spend money unless you know you’re spending it on the right things?

Small Businesses have a tendency to separate these three areas of focus into silos. When the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, the result can be a disaster.

Ekcetera’s team is well-rounded and every aspect of effective marketing is considered when we’re working for your business.

Pairing our team with a solid platform like ActiveCampaign is sure to help you achieve your goals! 

ActiveCampaign-Focused Services:

  • Migration from another platform
  • New to email marketing? Let’s get you set up the smart way
  • Single Campaign strategy, design, & implementation
  • Existing funnel optimization
  • ActiveCampaign subscription bundles (get your ActiveCampaign subscription, web hosting, maintenance, and support all in one)
  • Ongoing support – create your own package to get the right kind of help you need
  • Membership website strategy and creation
  • All of your other marketing needs such as, graphic design, web design & development, and marketing consultation

Would you like to talk more about your project? Please fill out the following questionnaire and we’ll get back to you right away to learn more about your project to see if we’d be a good fit.