Do You Know How To Google?

I can now become a Google Search Master! This infographic from HackCollege, which I found on Mashable today, shows how only 25% of students today know how to use Google correctly. While reading this, I thought, “What happened?” I remember back in my day of technology education (now, this will makes some of you Millennials’ jaws drop, but will send some of you baby-boomers into rants about how you walked to school up-hill both ways) we learned how to use Boolean Search on Infoseek. So what’s the problem of today’s generation? I won’t attempt to know the answer, but will instead reference the graphic. There are only a few simple instructions to remember and you will find yourself uncovering parts of the internet you never knew existed! Now you too, can be a Google Search Master and become the search genius all of your friends will envy.

Get more out of Google
Created by: HackCollege

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