Pro marketing secrets – eavesdrop on a conversation with two marketing pros

Have you ever wanted to know what the pros talk about? Now you can. Listen in as Kelly and Jamie Dubose of Zenplicity talk about marketing, the middle of the funnel, Facebook Messenger Chat Bots, and more!

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[01:00] Jamie’s Bio
[01:37] Kelly’s Bio
[03:10] The “glamour” myth of online marketing
[04:50] How this myth affects business owner
[10:20] The magic is in the middle of the funnel
[16:46] The future with Messenger Chat Bots
[25:16] Figuring out what tech to use/seeing the big picture
[37:00] Opportunity outside the internet/the burst of the online marketing bubble

Where to find Jamie:
Website ➜
Facebook ➜
Instagram ➜

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