Custom Website Design

Your website is your home base online. You need a piece of real estate that reflects your brand and moves your customer down the right path to working with you. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the technical vernacular of building a site, so that you forget to focus on turning visitors into customers. You don’t just need a site that looks pretty and gives out your contact info, you need one that works for you as a 24 hour sales employee, attracting ideal customers and making a return on investment.

WordPress is our platform of choice. Gone are the  days of throwing together a cheap theme you find online and hitting the publish button with your half-written copy. Just because you build it does not mean they will come. You need a team of people who live, breathe, and eat websites. We not only create websites, but we know marketing.  There are far too many moving parts for you to try to go it alone. You can rely on professionals who will consider things you never thought of and treat your website as if it’s their own. 

We’ve developed a process designed to evaluate the entire spectrum of considerations you need to work through. With our custom website design packages, you receive:

  • An initial consultation to get your ideas down on paper and evaluate how your site fits into your brand
  • Consulting on your domain and hosting options (hold off on purchasing hosting until you’ve talked to us)
  • Guidance with your sitemap to organize your content
  • Design of the look and feel to match your brand – by hand-coding modifications to a template or starting with a blank canvas 
  • Our special bundle of plugin “apps” to make the site run more smoothly
  • Admin area designed around things you need to be able to update yourself
  • Extra features and functions specific to your business
  • Preserving search engine rankings from an old site
  • Connecting your site to your newsletter software and social media profiles
  • Installing and designing your content pages (copy writing services available too)
  • Mobile-friendly/Responsive site
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Instructional videos and email support
  • Basic SEO (advanced SEO recommended – available separately)
  • Support after launch

Packages start at $3500 for a customized template. Design from a blank canvas adds appx $2000

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The Process

Our philosophy about building your website plays a key role in the process we follow. It’s about giving you the best possible product for your business, and uncovering the right information to help guide our decisions. There’s no one-size-fits-all.

  1. Define goals and explore – You’re looking for marketing that works, so the first thing we need to establish is the outcome you’re after. That goal determines specifications for the project and helps us find the right solutions. We’ll also talk about timelines.
  2. Proposal – we provide our recommended solution along with an estimated cost.
  3. Contracts, deposits and scheduling – Your deposit secures your project’s place in our workload. We’ll assign milestones and deadlines and kick things off.
  4. Design and Execution – You’ll be assigned some homework. We make it easy by giving you worksheets, videos, and other resources to collect your information as easily as possible. Meanwhile, we do our magic and start putting pieces in place. We’ll be tapping away at our keyboards and you’ll see progress at various stages. We’ll stay in touch throughout the process and you’ll have a dedicated contact inside Ekcetera to keep things moving.
  5. Testing and launch – When your project requires a test period before a big launch, we double-check things and make sure it works like butter. We’ll throw a little party when the site goes live.
  6. Wrap up – We deliver supporting documentation and training videos for you to get all the information you need to run things on your end.
  7. Post-project support – We’re not going to wrap up and run! We have a designated support period after project completion where you can ask questions and have us check on things.


When marketing your business online today, you can’t set it and forget it. You need to check in on your website to keep it running smoothly. You need to evaluate how well it’s working to grow your business so you can make necessary adjustments. Who has time for that when you’re trying to focus on what you do best?

We have capabilities to support you long after you launch.