The truth about creating an online course that may surprise you

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I’m going to tell you the truth about online course creation and it’s something that may surprise you.

So you’ve decided to create an online course. You have an idea and your brain starts buzzing. You start thinking through everything, you jot down ideas.

You have a perfect vision that your course is going to be fantastic. And it’s going to sell like crazy. So, now it’s time to take that buzzing in your brain, and put those ideas into action.

Once you start taking action and building your course, you might have a little bit of doubt creep in. When that happens, you have encountered the number one issue that people come across when creating their online courses and membership  Рthat is mindset.

Mindset is a tricky thing. It can make you feel like the issues you’re having are on a tactical level, and that it’s just a simple problem you can find the answer to

But what’s actually happening is your subconscious trying to hold you back from something you might not even be aware of.

There are three mindset blocks that people run across when it comes to creating and releasing an online course or membership:

  1. Overwhelm
  2. Overthinking or indecision
  3. Doubt.


When you’re in the midst of creating a course, there are so many things going on. The abundance of details can make you freeze because you can’t focus on the next thing to do, or you don’t even know what to do in the first place!

Overthinking and Indecision

Sometimes you get so stuck on a detail that you really don’t know which route to take. Should you do Option A or Option B?

The potential error of that decision can really keep you frozen. You feel like you can’t move past this point, unless you know which option will have the best chance of success.


Have you ever told yourself this? I don’t know if I really should be creating this course. I don’t know if I have enough expertise. I don’t know if people really want to hear what I have to say. Maybe this isn’t for me, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.¬†

You’re doubting your ability to deliver and your brain is trying to talk you out of the discomfort of putting yourself out there.

When you run into these mindset issues, something happens that often masks the fact that it’s a mindset issue, rather than a tactical or strategy issue.

The problem doesn’t always sound like a mindset issue at first, but here’s how you can tell…

You may say you don’t have time. You’re so busy and you start making excuses for the reasons that you can’t get your course done.

You can also tell yourself you have to get this exactly right. You can become a perfectionist and every single detail has to be perfect before you can move on, or maybe you start changing directions.

You can never settle on anything. And just when you make progress on one part, you step back and you don’t like what you see. You quickly switch directions. You shift away.

If any of those sound like you, that might be mindset issues in disguise.

How do you get past these mindset issues?

First, you need to ask yourself what the real issue is. If it’s overwhelm, it’s time to jot down all the steps that you can think of and then prioritize them.

Start working through the list and cross them off one by one. Keep your focus on one thing only. The key here is not to get overwhelmed with other steps and not to think ahead of the things that you have to be doing next. Keep your focus on that one item and little by little, you will get there.

If the problem is overthinking or indecision, the solution is simple but frustration – and that’s to just make a decision. You will make mistakes, but making a mistake and correcting it is much better than never launching.

You’re going to have to get comfortable with making a decision, even at the risk that it may not be the right decision. Focus on moving forward – no matter how small the step. Momentum gets you going and the hurdles get smaller and smaller.

If you’re having doubt, try to think about what you’re awesome at. Make sure you’re teaching something that really lights you up and you have confidence in yourself. People do want to hear from you. Even if there are lots of other people out there teaching the same things, you’re going to bring a different unique spin to it.

People are going to resonate with the way you present it. There’s definitely room for you to teach your unique way and find a unique audience that’s right for you.

Now that you’ve started to uncover your mindset issues, it’s time to take action. Pick one thing and move forward to help get you past that hump.

Once you clear that block, pick another thing, and then another. Things will start to move more smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and accountability. There’s lots of people out there willing to answer your questions and help you. It helps to have an accountability partner – someone you can talk to about what you are doing and have them hold you accountable to meeting your goals and making progress.

Whether it’s overwhelm, overthinking, indecision, or doubt that’s holding you back from getting your course out into the world, it may not always be obvious.

Take a step back and ask yourself, what is at the core that’s really holding you back? If you need more support getting over mindset blocks and taking the next step in launching your online course or membership, sign up for my waitlist to be notified as soon as I release something really exciting. It will help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from launching, whether it’s mindset or not.