How to Turn Facebook Email Notifications Back On

If you’re like me, I don’t remember or have time to check Facebook after I post to see if people comment or like my post. I used to get email notifications when someone commented on a post and ever since the new Facebook updates a couple of weeks ago, I have missed knowing when people replied to something I said or posted on my wall.

Facebook has disabled automatic emailing of updates like this, but there’s a simple way you can turn it back on so you don’t miss anything that anyone responds to. I’ll walk you through turning your email notifications back on step-by-step.

First, click the arrow next to the home link in the upper right hand corner of your page. Then, click “Account Settings”

Once the Account Settings Page loads, click “Notifications” on the left hand menu.


Once the Notifications Settings page loads, UN-check the “Email Frequency” box. If this is checked, Facebook will only send email notifications for things it deems important (whatever that may be) and summaries. Since this feature was added, I stopped receiving email notifications all together. Un-checking this box allows you to select your email notification preferences for each type of activity.

Scroll down the page to “All Notifications”. Here you will see all of the different things you can receive an email notification for. Click on each heading to expand a list of notifications to check or uncheck. I added back the Wall Comments so I would receive notification when someone comments on my posts.

Now everything is back to the way I’m expecting it to be!

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